Finding time for creative endeavors has always been something that I’ve struggled with. Between work, study, family, friends, partners etc. it can be difficult to find time to get away and sit quietly for an hour or two, or more, and work on whatever it is that requires my attention. Then there’s the issue of guilt. Am I spending too much time trying to get away from people, when I should be spending that time with them, and patiently putting the writing to one side while I wait for the right time?

  This has brought me to a question that must bounce around many people’s minds when they find themselves caught up life and its day to day demands, and that is, where does creativity fit into my schedule?

There was a time when I could write in short, productive bursts of a few minutes each. This was great for when I was at work and found myself between tasks with a moment to spare. I’m still rarely caught without a pen and piece of paper tucked up my sleeve, but less and less do I find myself able to switch off from the task at hand to jot down anything worthwhile.

In the last few years it seems to be taking me a lot longer for the magic to start flowing, but once it does, I am able to stay productive for quite long periods at a time.
I wonder why this is, and if it works in cycles, or just changes every now and then, depending on how we are using our brains and our energy at that stage in our life. As it is, I’m still awake late on a work night, typing this update. This proves to me that there’s still more work I could do on managing my creative time, though often I feel that actually, the time chooses me, and when I feel it, there’s not much I can do but just get out of bed and write.

So I’m curious to know, what schedules and time slots work best for you?


Also, here’s a quick update about something that I have been managing to work on.

It’s a collection of poetry inspired by fantasy art, vivid dreams, RPGs, my childhood, music and my aspirations to one day be a wizard.

This e-book contains 42 poems, some with photos, and all with a story to tell.
More info here…