Like a rash, Fast Food chains spread over our landscapes, while cling film and candy wrappers build their own islands out at sea. 14 billion pounds of carbon dioxide and methane gas are released by food farming factories, poisoning our air and water supplies. Keeping us docile. Carcinogenic chemicals are pumped into foods then labelled as ‘fresh’ or ‘no added colours’ to trick you into digesting death…

I drove past a farm the other day, and I didn’t like the way the cows looked at me.

Now, I’m not saying they are planning a revolution or anything, I am just saying that whatever plans they have made, are already well under way.

Throughout history, literature has been predicting the change in our eating habits:



Sweeney Todd,

Soylent Green,

Jesus’s disciples…

wine-pouringsmlThe list goes on. One uncanny difference that I’ve noticed, however, is that the change is one that moves away from fruit and veg, and towards the flesh and blood of humans. I’m starting to think that these stories were not written for entertainment, but rather as a set of instructions, so we could have avoided the future into which we have emerged.

Too late to heed these warnings, however, I fear that there is little hope for mankind as we continue on through this global rebellion. In all our efforts to farm, cage and control our food, it seems that the time has finally come where our food will start controlling us.

As always, however, I am not without hope. Let us not make the same mistakes as our forefathers. Let us learn from the past, and put things in place today to thwart our food’s rebellion.

With an official search on Amazon for: food that cannot be trusted, murder food sci-fi mystery, plotting animals, and a few combinations of those words, I’ve managed to string together a comprehensive list of books that should aid our survival struggle in a food based world.

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