The aim of this document is to get you set up with an online wallet and a small amount of free coins within 5 minutes.
Simply put, I believe in the technology of Crypto Currency, and want to be part of the push that makes it more accessible to the general population. This guide will show you how to claim, spend and store bitcoin, litecoin and Dogecoin, as well as shed some light on a few lesser known coins that I believe have a promising future.

Download the Crypto Currency 2018 Quick Start Guide PDF here

Of course, as a writer of science fiction, I am extra excited by the ideas of Crypto Currency. It shows a real shift in the direction of the future, which I am glad to be able to witness. Maybe its the cyberpunk in me but I will continue to support Crypto Currency usage and adoption. The possibilities are endless.

Many people might be wondering how to start in crypto currency and bitcoin? Well, I have compiled some general infoGrow money with Crypto Currencyrmation into a PDF and am handing it out to everyone, everywhere, as often as I can. It will show you how to set up a wallet and start claiming free Litecoin, as well as a couple of others. It’s a great way to get your feet wet before making the decision to part with your hard earned cash in exchange for crypto.

Bitcoin is grabbing more media attention than ever as it soared to AUD$10,000 per coin, and of course, most of us were left feeling like we had missed the boat. To some extent, I still think that might be true. Bitcoin was the first of its kind, and so to expect that all the other coins popping up over the marketplace will gain the same value is probably not that realistic. Bitcoin being the first crypto coin, had the advantage of brand name, but it also has the disadvantage of unforeseen  problems that would inevitably arise from a whole and untested idea.


That’s where Litecoin comes in.

Litecoin is an improvement on Bitcoin. They function the same fundamentally, but the transfer fees are a couple of cents, compared to Bitcoin’s high dollar fees, and the transfer times may as well be instant, where Bitcoin’s transfers can take ~20minutes.

Another interesting fact about Litecoin so far is its cost. The cost is nowhere near as volatile as many other coins, and at the moment is hovering around AUD$75-80 per coin. A much easier market to get started in.

Image result for steemitThere is now a social media platform ( based on Blockchain technology, which allows you to convert your blogpost’s likes into cash, rewarding quality, original content. and DogeCoin have pulled together as communities and held fundraisers and fed the hungry and homeless with money sent via crypto from all over the world.

Privacy is being restored to the user as bots and companies struggle to follow their customers and or victims through encrypted space.

It’s an interesting time to be alive.

Download the Crypto Currency 2018 Quick Start Guide PDF here


cropped-profilepicsmall.jpg Jonathon Best is a writer, poet, and now Crypto-Currency advocate, from Perth, Western Australia. You can read his poetry free at

His near-future sci-fi novel Moppers Anonymous is now available at Amazon.