When you’re looking to sell self-published e-books, Amazon appears to be the go to place, as it’s catalogue continues to increase by  over one million e-books per year. Although it may be a great starting point (and I’m certainly not suggesting you avoid Amazon), you do end up paying a huge amount of your profits in commission, to make up for it’s established audience and the ease of it’s usability.

To list a competitively priced e-book, you could find yourself paying up to 65% in commission to Amazon. If Amazon were listing you on it’s homepage you probably wouldn’t mind this sort of fee, but finding a book on Amazon is not easy, even with all the right keywords. You need to do a lot of marketing, and engage with potential readers constantly and advertise direct links, and so it’s fair if you start feeling like you deserve a high cut of the profits.

In this article, I will show you how I sell my self published e-books worldwide and keep ~99% from each sale.

slam book ebook bad salesThis guide is now downloadable for free. Just click here 🙂
(downloaded PDF contains more thorough information.)

Starting with the harsh reality; The chance of someone stumbling upon your e-book randomly whilst browsing online is pretty damn low. You will realize this immediately after you publish your own book and try to find it again. In my situation it is a little worse as Amazon auto corrects the spelling of my name, and then displays someone else’ books under that ‘corrected’ name. Whatever your situation, though, unless you are already well established with a reader base, Amazon’s search algorithms will do their best to show everyone else’ books before yours.

I’ve stalled you this long because I didnt want to scare you by mentioning one of the ways that I sell my e-books worldwide. It’s a buzz word that you are probably getting sick of hearing, but I will tell you exactly how I make it work for me and hopefully you will be able to reproduce the results without too much pain.

I use cryptocurrency.

No wait, dont close the webpage yet!

I’m going to show you how I turn my crypto profits into ‘real money’ with no effort at all. You dont need to buy any bitcoins, nor pretend to care how they work. We will be treating Crypto Currency the same way we treat PayPal – as a payment processor.

If you are in Australia or the UK, this will be even easier for you. Everyone else, the general method still works, but towards the end you will need to use a different service as the one that I use as these guys are not global yet.

dollar world cryptoAs we have established, simply putting your book on Amazon is only the first step. Marketing follows, and continues, and never stops. Since you are going to be doing all of the hard work in marketing anyway, why are you still paying high commissions to someone else?

This guide will give you an overview of a few things you may want to know about cutting out the middle man. A more in depth and detailed guide will be available soon and I will link it here once it’s finished. Hopefully this information will give you a head start, however, and there is always more information on google, once you know what you’re looking for.

Method 1: For making sales without needing your own website

There are loads of online marketplaces popping up all over the place for digital goods purchasable with crypto. Of course, none of them have the audience size that Amazon has, but why should that be seen as a drawback? Smaller audience, less competition and more chance to be found by potential readers.

One of my favorite online marketplaces is CoinMall.com

moppers anonymous scifi ebook on coinmall bitcoin litecoinThis website is mainly for digital goods, though you can sell anything really, similar to gumtree. It is small but well maintained and constantly updated. This is a great place for e-books, and in my opinion is an untapped goldmine. Small amounts of Crypto are ‘tipped’ to people all over the world through the use of reddit subforums, and those tips are only redeemable in the CoinMall marketplace. This means that loads of people have small amounts of crypto stored in this marketplace, and the crypto crowd can get pretty excited when they finally find a place that they can spend their coins.

To sign up for this service is free and requires no crypto currency knowledge (you dont even need any bitcoins yourself). You’ve got nothing to lose by having a look.

Converting Crypto into Dollars or Pounds is explained below.

Method 2: Making a crypto payment button for your own website

Most self published authors understand the importance of an online presence, meaning most will already have a website (a completely free and basic template will do), you need somewhere that you can put direct links to your books. Some have gone a step further and have payment portals where they are selling their own e-books directly. This is great, and if you do this, you are on the right track. The problem that I have with small payments online is that by the time you pay PayPal or whoever is accepting the payments for you, then you are back in a similar boat where a third party takes a huge cut of your profits.

CoinPayments Button list
A few of the available button styles

Using a service called ‘Coin Payments’ you can create a payment button that gives your reader a downloadable copy of your e-book once a payment in CryptoCurrency is received. The currency then automatically transfers to the service that converts it into $$$ in your bank account, all for a flat 1% fee. It’s much simpler than it sounds.

Once you have used CoinPayments to select and customize the payment button, a HTML code is generated. You simply copy and paste that code into your website at the place you want to see the button. To have your profits automatically withdraw daily, you can activate the ‘auto-sweep’ setting in the ‘your wallet’ tab of CoinPayments dashboard.
If you sign up using this link, we will both receive a small amount of crypto currency tokens in our accounts CoinPayments.net (till 1st June).

This will give you some coins to play around with and see how they work, before you make any major decisions.

Final step: Converting your crypto to dollars (or pounds).

Again, if you sign up using this link, we will both receive some points for spending in the CoinJar store, where you can turn points into GiftCards, phone accessories, things like that. CoinJar.com

CoinJar cryptocurrency to dollarsAs you can see from the image, CoinJar allows you to easily and instantly switch between Crypto currency and your local currency. My favorite part of CoinJar, however, is the CoinJar swipe card. It allows me to accept crypto payments from overseas and spend them instantly as dollars down at the local pub 🙂

It is also free to transfer crypto currency between all CoinJar users, so any sales made that way would be even more profitable. So now, on your website, beside the Amazon store button, you can put your Crypto store button.

Another little tip is to advertise that the e-book is cheaper if they pay with Crypto. You can reduce the price but still take a higher cut of profit if you are avoiding using Amazon. This also gives you another alleyway to explore advertising. You’ve grown your potential audience to include crypto currency fans, too!

Maximizing ebook sales profits jon best

Us crypto holders love finding new places that accept our favorite coins.

That should give you something to work with for now. I hope I’ve introduced an idea that may not have been considered before.

For a more detailed overview of the entire process, regardless of where you are in the world, you can check out my instructional e-book here.


Best of luck with your self publishing adventures!

cropped-profilepicsmall.jpg Jonathon Best is a writer, poet, and blogger from Perth, Western Australia. You can read his poetry free at jbestbooks.com.His near-future sci-fi novel Moppers Anonymous is now available at Amazon, or via Crypto Currency here.