On good days, and your worst, he’d always greet you with his cheer.
Familiar to the office block, he’d been there for a year.
Through sun and snow, you’d find him there
Collecting cash for parking’s fare
And lending friendly ear.

The workers grew quite fond of him – this man they’d celebrate,
(He’d even forge excuses if when running, they were late).
And so it came as quite a shock
When one day, where there’d been a lock
They found an open gate.

The office came alive that day as speculations grew.
“Perhaps he’s had an accident? Perhaps he’s got the flu?”
And so the boss retrieved a phone
And punched the council’s dial tone
To see the mystery through.

Across the workplace, silence fell on every conferee,
As each awaited word of their co-worker, anxiously.
“I’m sorry”, councilman replied,
“You must have, some mistake, supplied.
The parking there is free.”

Jonathon Best 2021©