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House of Promise

Where chance had failed,
Children crawl
In search for scraps of food.
Through jumbled concrete
Statured men
Do naught but stir the feud. Continue reading “House of Promise”

King’s Birthday

Great hall full of people,
The guests and the king,
Performers in practice
The peasant shall bring.

Knights of the table
The king sits beside,
For they are his honor,
His justice and pride. Continue reading “King’s Birthday”

Beach of Tides

As waves roll forth
The cages gape
For those who cannot flee,
Upon the steps
Wrapped in his cape,
The stranded vs. the sea. Continue reading “Beach of Tides”

School Dinner

The vehicle cloaked
By heavy fumes,
Its driver turns the wheel.
Guided by dampened
Light of moon,
And heading for the steel. Continue reading “School Dinner”

Last Lantern

Over dry hills
The lions flew,
Hot wind bearing them lift.
With sand in face
And clouded view
The rider held his gift. Continue reading “Last Lantern”

Twixt Mountain

Over rivers,
Over flowing streams,
The mountain ever tall.

Cross borders
Through the iron gates,
Never to fall. Continue reading “Twixt Mountain”

Gem of the Beast

On multiple floors,
The lair does exist,
With beast sat atop –
Her will she does twist.
And strikes at the heart,
Of ignorant those,
Who’d let down their guard
As orders she throws. Continue reading “Gem of the Beast”

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