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Giants of the North

A dark power is sweeping across the land.
Our lone hero hears of a strange disturbance in the forests, and travels north to lend aid.
What he finds there is more than he can comprehend, but is it all as it seems?

A new tale of adventure and magic, told in verse. If you’re intrigued, the e-book version is currently available for free download, for a limited time.

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Shuffle music on a USB

Download or create your own USB music shuffler.

You’re hosting a party, and Spotify is repeating the same 5 songs over and over with too many ads, so you fill up an old USB stick with songs from a hard drive. To keep everything easy, you plug it directly into your speaker. (This also stops those pesky party goers who like to play DJ, so you never hear more than 30 seconds of each song as they constantly flick through.) Everything is working fine, except after a few songs you realize that the songs are playing in alphabetical order. That Elvis Presley CD that you ripped lists its songs as ‘Track01’, ‘Track02’, ‘Track03’, etc. and you are getting an Elvis overload all in one go!

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Maximizing e-book sale profits

When you’re looking to sell self-published e-books, Amazon appears to be the go to place, as it’s catalogue continues to increase by  over one million e-books per year. Although it may be a great starting point (and I’m certainly not suggesting you avoid Amazon), you do end up paying a huge amount of your profits in commission, to make up for it’s established audience and the ease of it’s usability.

To list a competitively priced e-book, you could find yourself paying up to 65% in commission to Amazon. If Amazon were listing you on it’s homepage you probably wouldn’t mind this sort of fee, but finding a book on Amazon is not easy, even with all the right keywords. You need to do a lot of marketing, and engage with potential readers constantly and advertise direct links, and so it’s fair if you start feeling like you deserve a high cut of the profits.

In this article, I will show you how I sell my self published e-books worldwide and keep ~99% from each sale.

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Shadow Creatures

Through blackened mist
and sodden earth,
The crows above shall sing.
In tune with bones
And creaking lids-
Open, the coffins spring. Continue reading “Shadow Creatures”

Crypto Currency 2018 easy start guide *Updated*

The aim of this document is to get you set up with an online wallet and a small amount of free coins within 5 minutes.
Simply put, I believe in the technology of Crypto Currency, and want to be part of the push that makes it more accessible to the general population. This free guide will show you how to claim, spend and store Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Dogecoin, as well as shed some light on a few lesser known coins that I believe have a promising future.

*Updated* Since July release. New Coins and markets added.
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Statue and Stone

The graveyard of ten thousand stones-
A maze to match the sky-
Was riddled with the blackened bones
Of centuries gone by.
The stones did reach to realms of dreams
As vines then grew in cracking seams,
But never, knew they why. Continue reading “Statue and Stone”

New Recruit

The lane, illuminated by the only flicking light
That holds at bay the dim in such a way no others might,
By day does watch commuters, in a blur, pass blindly through-
But only those worth noting are the ones that pass by night.
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Fontana Rossa

And In my wake, a stream obscene
Does stain the pavement ‘neath my shoes,
Like Neptune drowning Travertine-
From whence it flows I have no clues.
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Machine of Flesh

A wretched man
Atop grey walls,
Inside a hollowed room.
With holes in roof
The flooding rain
Hides views of tombstone bloom.
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