A dark power is sweeping across the land.
Our lone hero hears of a strange disturbance in the forests, and travels north to lend aid.
What he finds there is more than he can comprehend, but is it all as it seems?

A new tale of adventure and magic, told in verse.

Giants of the North is one of my longest poems, and has taken me about 4 years, on and off, to finish. It went through many changes over that time, and new inspirations for the imagery were constantly added. Most notably were the works of Lord Byron, the atmosphere of Shadow of the Colossus, and the Scenery of Norway.
Here is an excerpt from the poem.

… A flight of birds did overcast
The peaceful town of Oakwood vale,
Who’d seen no cloud this dark and vast
Lest with it came the storm and hail –
So knew the balance had been thrown.

In shadow of the ones who’d flown,
The farmer’s ploughed like nothing seemed
Amiss, though, now from valley’s throne
The treetops shook while wild eyes gleamed,
And hordes of startled beasts charged through.

They roared like no man ever knew
And still the hooves did trample forth,
In fright of something dark and true
That spread its way from furthest north,
And handed death to all it caught.

Though as of yet, the farmer’s not
Did know of why these creatures fled –
And even greatest theories got
Were nothing more than theories said,
As far from mark they mostly fell.

Now to the north where monsters dwell
There ventured man of vale’s Oak wood.
His presence there he’d no one tell
As, riding faster than he should
He clutched a letter to his chest.
The letter told of such unrest
That those of Lakeside had made haste –
For, north they marched their very best
And found the forest laid to waste;
The cause they could not rightly say.

The Oakwood man left no delay
To lend the Lakeside town a hand.
He galloped – though by seventh day
The forest looked a barren land
And neither men nor trail was found.
He searched among the rocks abound,
And then, towards the dying wood.
He found a crater in the ground
Where midst the vines, there lay a hood
With sigil of the Lakeside town …

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I hope that you enjoy! 🙂

cropped-profilepicsmall.jpg Jonathon Best is a writer and poet from Perth, Western Australia. You can read his poetry free at jbestbooks.com.

His poetry collection: Dreams, magic and life is now available at Amazon.