There’s no more room!
Diminishing returns with each upload.
The discs are full, the drives implode.
Cables wear and coolant leaks,
with every second, many weeks
or months of film that oft repeats.
New photos of the same old views –
same dish, same flower, same reviews.
Opinions shared, and shared again,
formed long before, forgotten when.

The turbines churn, and flick the screens,
breathe life into the dead machines
that wade through mountains of our stuff,
not capable of screaming “Enough!
That picture already exists!
This video has found a match.
These words have already been said.
This audio? I have a batch.
Just search for what you want to see –
A coffee? Here, I’ll show you three,
three hundred, even, I don’t care,
they’re all the fucking same, I swear.
Oh, what a view! How beautiful!
Of sunsets I’ve a hard-drive full.
A smiling baby? A happy cat?
A man who’s famous for being fat?
Our network’s vast, we have it all,
just search our global shopping mall.

So when you next plan on submitting, be wary –
Your contribution is not necessary!”

Jonathon Best©