On multiple floors,
The lair does exist,
With beast sat atop –
Her will she does twist.
And strikes at the heart,
Of ignorant those,
Who’d let down their guard
As orders she throws.

So thankfully there
Are passages through,
That link up the lair
In more ways than few.
To carry the slight
Of body and frame,
Who slip past, unheard,
While others take blame.

But one is not all
Of creatures abound,
And any man’s eyes
Would see more around.
In tunnels they dwell,
Exerting power,
And any who fight –
They will devour.

Yet hope is not lost
In this hero’s tale,
For he would not stray
And he would not fail.
As deep in the lair
Was treasure he sought,
Its value too great
To be sold or bought.

So day after day,
Beneath glaring eyes,
The man slaved away
While cloaked in disguise.
In wait for the gem
To strengthen his heart,
And then, with her hand,
He’d strive to depart.

Jonathon Best 2014©