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Dragon’s Den

Atop the mountain,
Hail and snow.
The winter breeze-
An awful blow.
Raging rivers
Frozen fast,
In the distance,
Valleys vast.
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Traveler’s Camp

A holiday,
Where families
from far and wide
can rest.
Their caravans
of precious goods,
Collected from
their quest.

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Endless Time

Atop the swell they drift,
Splashing, and laughing of memories past.
Endurance knows no exhaustion.

As time drifts forever,
The monsters play below.
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King’s Birthday

Great hall full of people,
The guests and the king,
Performers in practice
The peasant shall bring.

Knights of the table
The king sits beside,
For they are his honor,
His justice and pride. Continue reading “King’s Birthday”

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