Great hall full of people,
The guests and the king,
Performers in practice
The peasant shall bring.

Knights of the table
The king sits beside,
For they are his honor,
His justice and pride.

Music has started and
Coxcomb bells chime,
For the king’s birthday,
The jester shall rhyme.

Through large wooden doors
Come tables of food,
Bowls of fresh cow lung
That royal chefs stewed.

And after the feast
Let the jousting commence,
With no shield or helmet
To build the suspense.

As moon begins rising
With the dimming sun,
Festivities close
Though they all had had fun.
His guests venture home
T’was the end of the day,
With a “Long live the king!”
And a “Hip Hip Hooray!”

Jonathon Best 2008©